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Working Together

about us

KyLin  Cloud Business Phone, the world's leading provider of commercial VOIP telephone services,  was launched in late 2020 by KyLinTV,  a Long Island, NY-based company. 

Since its establishment, with the industry’s cutting-edge video compression and  transmission technologies, KyLinTV  has been leading the trend of Internet  TV entainment. In 2011, it became the first overseas operator to broadcast ethnic TV channels and programs in high definition in North America supporting multi-devices including TV, Mobile Phone, Tablet and Amazon Fire TV.  Based on its industry leading technology, KyLinTV added to its boutique offering  "KyLin Cloud Phone" service in North America , providing crystal-clear, multi-purpose phone service to businesses at a super low cost.


KyLinTV and KyLin Cloud Business Phones were jointly invested and founded under the stewardship of  Mr. Charles B. Wang, the founder of Computer Associates, and Mr. Charles Dolan, the founder of Cablevision and Home Box Office.

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