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KyLin Cloud Business Phone

Our Commercial Cloud Business Phone System is the Best Choice for Enterprises

[What is KyLin Cloud Business Phone]

                  KyLin Cloud Business Phone is to realize the integration of the telephone system in the cloud through Internet technology, realize one-stop all-intelligent enterprise communication, improve communication efficiency, reduce communication costs, meet communication needs in various scenarios, and help you to never miss a business opportunity.


【Our Advantages】


Easy-to-use and money-saving: No need to buy complicated equipment, no need to punching holes on the wall. As long as there is the Internet, it can be installed and used  in a nice and easy way.  Integrated with Amazon and Google Cloud, it is online 24/7 and never drops. The monthly cost is only 30-40% of traditional telecommunications companies like AT&T, Verion, etc. 

Flexible and scalable for multi-scenarios: The cloud business phone not only provides basic communication functions for enterprises, but also add extensions at any time, and even turn employees’ own mobile phones and fixed phones designated by the company into extensions to meet the needs of various office scenarios. Work in the office, work from home, work from multiple locations and even work from a mobile office can be relialized seamlessly.

Say goodbye to geographic limitations: access is easy and convenient,  our communication system is no longer restricted by geographic location. You don’t need to change your phone number when you move. Once you reach the new address, you can use it when you connect to the Internet.

Never lose a single customer: The cloud business phone makes business communication more effective. You can find the person you should find regardless of whether you leave the office or not during working hours, ensuring immediate communication between employees and between employees and customers to solve problems. Calls are transferred, forwarded to anybody at any time as the business need dictate.  All call recordings can be sent to your designated email address, and faxes are automatically transferred to email to ensure that customer information is kept intact. 

Bunch of great numbers to help you enhance the company's brand image:  Besides regular local numbers, we can also provide a toll-free number as your business phone number.



Special offer $19.99/line/month

Call our customer representative to enjoy more discounts! 1-888-518-7018

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

​Basic functions of KyLin Cloud Business Phone

  • Operator to extension

  • Business hours setup

  • After get off work, voice messages are converted into emails and sent to designated emails / faxes are automatically forwarded to emails

  • Show caller ID

​Kylin Cloud Business Phone U.S. and Canada local phone number


  • Great deals

  • Unlimited calls from and to the United States and Canada

  • $20/number porting 

  • $19.99/month call-in is free, each line allows two calls at the same time, we can increase the capacity to simultaneous 2x calls. 

  • ​1¢/minute call forwarding from US-Canada number to US-Canada landline/mobile

  • $5/month Cloud business phone recording (retained for 90 days) (two-year contract only)

Toll-Free Number :

  • $10/month phone number rental fee

  • $10/time one-time setup fee

  • $3¢/minute incoming call

  • $30/time number porting


Extension phone number

  • The extension comes with an internal call number, each extension costs $5/month

  • You can set individual call number for each extension for $9.99/month

OBI Adapter

      (Connect to the regular phone and broadband)

  • $50/pc deposit if the customer chooses to use their own phonet (value $99)



  • $50/User Kylin Cloud Business Phone activation fee

  • $99/user Kylin Cloud Business Phone installation fee (within 35miles)

  • $29 per  wifi dongle

  • 5¢/minute telephone conference room (with participant password setting) phone call charge

  • $10 monthly fee for conference call room (with participant password setting)

  • $99/User customer number selection fee (the system automatically configures the number for free)

  • $15/User shipping

  • $99/User voice navigation/message prompt customization fee

  • $3.65/month government regulatory charge

Best Business Phone Solution  
Call us at: 888-518-7018

Contact our customer service representative to get your  customized cloud phone system. We promise a greatl deal for you !

170 Express Street, Plainview, NY. 11803


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