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Success Stories


Mr. Charlie Gao, Lawyer from Los Angeles

Mr. Gao's law firm in Los Angles uses the KyLin Cloud system.  When no one answers, client calls are directly transferred to  Gao's mobile phone, which is very convenient, so he signed up more and more clients recently!


Doctor Elaine Chao, Doctor from New York

New York-based  Dr. Cheng opened three clinics in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Flushing respectively. Among them, the Manhattan Clinic only provides services on Monday and Wednesday, while Brooklyn is on Tuesday and Thursday, and Flushing is available every Saturday. In the past, using traditional telephone services, patients often called to the clinic where Dr. Cheng was not working and could not be contacted, so patients switched to other doctors. Since using the KyLin Cloud, no matter which number the individual calls, the call will be transferred to the clinic where someone answers it. This is a great help for patients and clinics.


Eric, General Manager of an San Diego Travel Agency

Eric  is the general manager of a travel agency in San Diego. There are more than a dozen business managers in his agency. In the past, when customers consulted on travel services, they could only directly use the office phone number seen in the advertisement. When  the account manager was out for lunch or answering other users’ calls, customers had to turn to other travel agencies. Eric has spent a lot of advertising expenses but the number of his clients have not increased much. The KyLin Cloud Business Phone  helped him consolidate the  communication needs and came up with a great solution. Every call comes in, all extensions will ring, and someone will answer it; if it’s off work hours, the calls will be forwarded to the phones designated by Eric in turn, and the customer will never again be  missed out.  As  the end of the epidemic is imminent., many people come to Eric and inquire about where to go next year. Eric got more customers then ever.  He  said: The advertising fee is finally not in vain, I wish I  have used the KyLin Cloud Phone System earlier!


FreshGoGo ( is a preferred mobile e-commerce platform that has emerged in New York in recent years and specializes in providing fresh ingredients and authentic Asian cuisine for Asians. Its business covers more than 20 states in the eastern, central and southern United States, serving hundreds of thousands Customers, the business scale is huge. KyLin Business Phone has comprehensively planned and built an enterprise communication system for FreshGoGo, which enables seamless connection of company operations, supplier management, customer service and other aspects, stable and efficient, greatly reduced costs, and high user satisfaction. Ms. Chen, the general manager of FreshGogo, said: Our business scale and complexity have discouraged any mainstream communications company, but KyLin Business Phone has reduced the communication cost of FreshGoGo by 60% through a forward-looking solution that specifically meets our business needs. The efficiency has been greatly improved, and the effect has exceeded expectations. The high level of professionalism and service consciousness of the KyLin Business Phone team also impressed us.


All kinds of enterprises can benefit from the KyLin Business Phone System

In addition to clinics, law firms, and travel agencies, all kinds of companies that need to contact customers in time can improve their business through KyLin Cloud  including accounting firms, loan companies, asset planning companies, training schools,  restaurants, and e-hailing companies. With the launch of vaccines across the United States, economic recovery is just around the corner. Customers who have been holding back for a whole year will definitely bring a wave of retaliatory consumption. Don’t let the old phone system drive a wedge between your business and your customers.  Please contact us. 

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